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Office Manager

Job Type:   Full Time/Permanent
Job Location:   Niagara Falls, ON
Date Posted:   2017-04-25

Our client is looking for an experienced Office Manager, with proven success, to join their busy dental practice. 

  • Minimum 5 years' management experience 
  • Dental background would be considered an asset
Responsibilities/ Requirements::  
  • Front desk, waiting areas, and washrooms must always be clean. All supplies must be stocked with appropriate supplies.
  • All administrative technology must always be functioning properly. This includes but is not limited to computers, software, website, social media, printers, phones, internet and Wi-Fi.
  • Ensuring the office is always clear of clutter or obstacles that may cause safety issues. 


  • Operatories must be completely ready for treatment before the patient enters the room. Review daily schedule to ensure proper set-up or ask a doctor on duty.
  • Operatories must be fully sterilized as per protocols and procedures outlined in infection control.
  • Contaminates and potentially contaminated materials must be disposed of in accordance with Dental Department Directives, Provincial Regulations, and Office Policy.
Salary:   $25-28/hr
Additional Information:  

Core Outcomes:

  • Office maintains a 4+ star rating
  • Weekly and monthly Executive Monitors completed, as scheduled
  • A/R reduced to less than 3% of production
  • Provider's schedules are kept 90% full or more, daily
  • Team meetings lead quarterly, as scheduled
  • Bills audited weekly to consider potential cost savings
  • Office supplies do not exceed 0.25% of monthly production
  • Incoming bills paid and input on Sage weekly
  • Timecards prepared and audited weekly for payroll
Contact Name:   Jessica Hedley

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