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Whether a few people or a major downsizing, the effects of organizational change have a powerful and pervasive impact on your organization's most valuable resource: your workforce. Today, "work" is a shifting concept, and "employment" encompasses many types of relationships. These changes are demanding but they offer tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation.

The Burke Group's supportive career transition division manages all aspects of large or small downsizing projects including consulting, planning, implementation and follow-up. This can include the rapid establishment of Career Centres to accommodate large numbers of people. We provide the tools and techniques that are needed by both the employee and the employer.

Our career consultants work with individuals, providing the tools and techniques to allow them to refocus their careers, develop a personal marketing package and reach their potential.

Benefits of Career Transition Services

The benefits of Career Transition / Outplacement services far outweigh the cost of implementing a quality internal program. Career Transition services provide benefit to both the employee and the organization. While financial benefits assist the employee during their transition, outplacement services enable them to make the transition more quickly and successfully. The organization saves in terms of resources, and legal, organizational and morale problems which can arise if career transition services are not provided or handled poorly.

  • Avoiding Potential Legal Problems - experience proves that discrimination claims can be reduced or eliminated through professional counseling directed toward future career success.

  • Maintaining a Responsible External Image - the use of outplacement services reinforces a positive view of the company by both the employees and the community. Preserving the Goodwill of Terminated Employees - outplacement services can preserve positive relationships with the employees who may have a different relationship with the organization in the future.

  • Reducing Stress on Terminating Manager - outplacement counselors work with managers to ensure a smooth process and minimize the stress of the initial termination meeting.

  • Improving Retention and Recruitment - an organization that projects an image of treating people fairly and appropriately will be able to retain its employees and attract new talent.

  • Improving Employee Morale and Productivity - all employees are sensitive to the manner in which terminations are handled. Providing outplacement services shows the "company conscience" and demonstrates to remaining employees that they are valued.

In addition, pre-termination involvement with the organization ensures consistency in implementation of terminations, input in construction of the severance packaging, assistance in drafting a separation announcement and communication piece, and as a dignified departure for the affected employee with continued support.

Career Development

Retaining key employees and achieving the results you're looking for require that you nurture the talent in your organization and increase retention, productivity and performance. Our programs help organizations achieve business objectives by enabling your employees to enhance the key skills and behaviors of career success.

Client Services

The Burke Group's qualified career consultants are committed to providing quality services to their clients.

Services available include:

  • Assistance with the termination process to ensure dignity, support and confidentiality to all parties.

  • Individual consultation with a qualified consultant providing timely advice and assistance.

  • Financial consultation

  • Private offices and workstations (computer access, newspapers, telephones, etc.).

  • Workshops designed to meet specific needs of the affected employees

  • Retirement counselling for individuals and groups.

  • Up-to-date assessment tools to assist the individual in determining a career path and identify transferable skills and competencies.

  • Professionally-designed personal marketing package (resume, cover letter and portfolio development).

  • Current job search strategies; networking, Internet search, etc.

  • Interview and negotiation preparation.

  • Guidance with using recruitment and placement agencies.

  • Spousal / partner support

  • Administrative support and equipment (fax, photocopier, dedicated telephone line, and e-mail access, etc.).

  • The Burke Group's Career Manual.

  • Access to our comprehensive Career Library.

Our People

In the long run, it is the quality of our consultants that sets The Burke Group apart. Our diverse group of talented people share common beliefs in teamwork, collaboration and client-centered service. They are highly educated specialists experienced in their field and believe passionately in the importance of their work.

At The Burke Group, our values, our services, our people, our technology and our results all help employers and employees achieve their greatest potential.

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