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Performance Consulting

Development of employee skills, knowledge and experience is essential in today's rapidly changing workplace of performance consulting.

In order for the organization to remain competitive and to retain its reputation for excellence, employees should have up-to-the-minute information and the ability to use new technologies, adapt to organizational change, work in flatter organizations in which cross-functional skills and knowledge are required, and work effectively in teams and other collaborative situations.

Employees, too, recognize that it is essential for them to continue to learn so that they will be effective in their current jobs and able to move into other positions or accept new responsibilities as circumstances demand.

Developing and managing employee performance is an integral process within today's progressive organizations. In addition to supporting the mission of an organization, performance management enhances the overall quality of the workforce within the organization. The Burke Group's performance management consultants work with individuals to:

  • enhance job- or career-related skills, knowledge and experience;
  • help sustain employee performance at a level which meets or exceeds expectations;
  • promote a climate of continuous learning and professional growth;
  • enable employees to keep abreast of changes in their fields;
  • make employees competitive for employment opportunities within the organization; and
  • motivate employees.

Performance development plans may be considered at each stage of the performance management process.

The performance management process has an objective to develop employees' work-related skills, knowledge and experience. The development process offers another opportunity for the employee to work collaboratively with both Human Resources and their specific departments to improve or build on his or her performance and to contribute to organizational effectiveness.

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