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Professional Outsourcing

Whether your company is large or small, our professional outsourcing option allows you access to seasoned human resources professionals when and where you need them. For some companies it makes perfect sense to outsource some or all of their human resources functions. It proves a cost-effective means of receiving the expertise you require to address strategic and functional human resources needs without incurring additional overhead.

The Burke Group prides itself on providing personalized service, customized to meet each client's unique needs. The experience gained from past projects provides each of our clients with a wealth of "best practices" knowledge unparalleled in the industry. Our consultants provide the following support for all of your human resources needs:

  • Interim Senior Human Resources Professionals
  • Strategic Human Resources Solutions
  • Human Resources training & mentoring
  • On-site assistance, as needed
  • On-call assistance - telephone, e-mail accessibility
  • Project support
  • Labour/employee relations
  • Third Party Investigations
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Conflict mediation

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