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Performance Management

Effective organizations recognize the need to tie their human resources to their organizational strategies and goals. Studies have proven that organizations with effective performance management processes in place consistently outperform those without such systems. The most successful are those that incorporate "teamwork", "values" and "customer focus" in their performance systems.

The goal is a performance management system that links corporate objectives, common group objectives and individual objectives to customer expectations, position accountabilities and competencies.

A competency approach brings a real-life perspective to performance management. Performance is viewed in terms of the process competencies employees use to achieve their job results.

The Burke Group consultants work with your managers and individuals to develop, implement and provide training for your performance management model.

This process includes:

Development of a complete performance management system, or updating a current model

  • Organization and Position Competency development
  • Job Description development
  • Performance Appraisal forms
  • Career & Development planning
  • Training & Coaching
  • Succession Planning

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