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Salary/Wage Surveys

When you require the expertise of a professional team to develop and conduct a customized salary/wage survey, look to The Burke Group team. Our survey process allows you to incorporate detailed information and target specific audiences. This ensures you receive the most up-to-date and accurate information required to make critical salary- and wage-related business decisions.

Our survey process includes developing a customized survey questionnaire, targeting a particular audience of participants, conducting the survey and compiling the data in an easy-to-read, comprehensive report. The process can be conducted in hard-copy and/or web-based format, with all information housed in a secure, password protected database.

In addition to providing salary/wage data through our surveys, The Burke Group consultants can work with you to assist with your salary/wage administration program. Our experience and best-practices knowledge is beneficial in designing compliant and competitive programs which incorporate both internal and external equity.

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