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Burke Employment Solutions takes pride in our knowledge of the labour market and the needs of business and industry within that market. Our local and national contact network and proven track record allows us to offer the highest quality and most valid Search services.

Recognizing the importance of conducting a professional search in an expeditious and highly effective manner, Burke Employment Solutions recommends the following process for Search:

  • Develop Client Profile in consultation with your company to clarify and confirm our understanding of organization and departmental goals, objectives, culture, and any additional information relevant to the search process. This will assist in the customization of the search process to assure it best meets your company’s needs.
  • Develop Position Profile using existing job descriptions and expectations. A comprehensive review of the existing job description and competency profile is conducted to determine if changes need to be made. If required, the job description and competency profile will be updated or developed and the appropriate assessment tools will be selected.
  • Establish search methods customized to your company’s needs. Coordinate the development of all advertising with client approval. Methods can include:
  • Search of The Burke Group’s national database to determine availability of existing candidates:

Burke Employment Solutions utilizes BEN, an internal database which houses thousands of candidate resumes. Utilizing the in depth searching capabilities of BEN, we can customize searches according to industry, geographic location, position, specific skills and education/certification.

  • Targeted recruitment of qualified candidates through direct sourcing of quality candidates with required experience, qualifications and competencie
  • Sourcing of candidates through the internet
  • Advertising in appropriate local/national newspapers, publications, trade journals, internet, or any other venues as required (i.e. cou.on.ca)
  • Sourcing of any referrals submitted to Burke Employment Solutions
  • Direct sourcing of any identified candidate(s)
  • Utilizing our International Network, circulate the Position Profile internationally, if required.
  • Screening of all potential candidates to determine suitability through a review of resumes and a series of pre-screening interviews.
  • Conduct in-depth behaviour-based interviews on selected candidates; develop comprehensive Candidate Profiles and short-list.
  • Conduct behaviour-based reference checks with previous employers and business associates.
  • Presentation of complete package on each short-listed candidate for direct review with your company’s representatives.
  • Set appointments for first interviews with your company’s selection committee. Burke Employment Solutions will assist in interview preparation and question development if required.
  • Administer assessments for finalists for comparison with position profile and competencies (an overview of the assessment process and tools is included in this proposal).
  • Set appointments for final client interviews, again providing assistance as required.
  • Prepare and deliver offer of employment. At this point we work very closely with our client and candidate, conduct negotiations if necessary, assuring full confidentiality is maintained.
  • Notify all candidates of decision.
  • Provide replacement guarantee and follow-up support.

Note: Candidate information provided includes all data collected on each candidate, interview summaries, assessment reports and references

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